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LPG provides excellent portability and convenience, making it ideal for use in remote places where ordinary gas supplies or electricity are unavailable; whether it is at rural homes or at disasters and emergencies. LPG is also a cleaner energy source compared to coal and oil, with significantly less air pollution.


LPG does not require major infrastructure investments, unlike grid-based energy, making it a more accessible energy source.

Environmentally friendly

LPG produces significantly less emissions and will not contaminate soil.


Known as world's most “multi-purpose energy”, LPG is a convenient energy source with many applications around the world; from cooking and heating to transportation.


With the ability to convert a greater portion of its energy content into heat, LPG is up to 5 times more efficient than traditional fuels.


LPG can be easily transported and stored and will not deteriorate over time.


LPG is a safer alternative to most traditional fuel and is non-toxic.