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About us

SLOGAL Energy DMCC is a global company involved in buying, selling, storing and distributing energy products, with a primary focus on trading of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and related activities including

  • Petrochemicals Trading
  • Crude Oil Trading
  • Trading Refined Oil Products

Backed by a strong energy conglomerate, SLOGAL’s net worth exceeds USD 9.2Mn (AED 34Mn). With robust partnerships in the Energy Sector, our investments in a number of LPG importing companies has enabled us to expand our activities to become a formidable player in the Energy Sector.

SLOGAL Energy DMCC will continue to explore opportunities as a global integrated energy logistics provider and aims to expand our interests in trading, transportation, storage and distribution of Petrochemicals, Crude Oil and Refined Oil Products. Whilst closely keeping track of global market trends and forecasts, new markets are continuously explored as part of our global expansion strategy with a strong customer focus.

Our services also extend to providing total logistics support with the chartering of gas carriers, to deliver complete energy solutions for our valued customers.

LAUGFS Gas PLC is the primary business partner of SLOGAL Energy DMCC. Headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka, LAUGFS is one of the largest energy conglomerates in South Asia with a strong presence in LPG downstream activities, petroleum retailing, renewable energy solutions as well as LPG logistics services.

Our commitment to safeguard the best interests of our shareholders, clients, employees and all other stakeholders is reflected in our strong focus on driving business excellence, and integrating responsible and sustainable practices across our operations.